Engineering Student Advisory Board - Committees

eSAB Committees

Committee Chairs
PJ Hildebrand
Trevor Engelland
Outreach Committee Chair
Trevor Engelland is a junior Civil Engineering Major from Loveland, Colorado. Trevor spent his summer of 2021 as a project manager/engineer intern for Mortenson Construction in Eagle Mountain, Utah, where he helped manage the interior and enclosure teams of a large scale build for a big tech company. His career interests include structural design and project management for high budget builds. In his free time, he loves watching movies, doing photography, and enjoying the outdoors. 
Katie Gerot
Public Relations Committee Chair
Teresa Gramer
Student Life Committee Chair

Teresa Gramer is a senior electrical engineering major with an emphasis in power and energy systems. The last two summers she was an intern with Kiewit, a construction and engineering company and worked under the Kiewit Power Engineering division in Lenexa, Kansas. She was able to be part of an electrical team for two different power plants that Kiewit is building. Teresa is also an officer for UNL’s chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and in her free time she enjoys running, working out, reading and cooking.

Kaitlin McKenzie
E-Week Committee Co-Chair

Kaitlin McKenzie is a sophomore Chemical Engineering student pursuing Minors in Economics, Computer Science and Mathematics from Rosemount, Minnesota. Upon graduation, she would love to be involved in pharmaceuticals or other related industries. In her free time, Kaitlin enjoys playing volleyball both indoors and outdoors, working on art projects, and watching The Office. Kaitlin ran for the E-Week Committee Co-Chair because she enjoys getting more students involved in the engineering program and welcoming new students to campus.

Helena Tran
E-Week Committee Co-Chair

Helena Tran is a sophomore computer science major with minors in math and art. Upon graduation, she wants to go somewhere in the web development/design field but she is still generally exploring other areas. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, and binging TV shows. Helena chose to run for E-Week Co-Chair to push herself to be in volved and be more immersed in the engineering community on campus.

PJ Hildebrand
Ava Lyons
Career Development Committee Chair

Ava Lyons is a sophomore software engineering major with minors in mathematics and French from Naperville, Illinois. She hopes to help the engineering community learn more about their future careers in order to prepare them for when they graduation. Her career interests lie in designing code to better the quality of life of others and helping the environment. In her free time, Ava enjoys golfing, reading, gardening, and learning about animals. 


Chair: Trevor Engelland
Outreach Committee's goal is to connect UNL's college of engineering with the Lincoln community. We interact with youth of all ages, increasing our students' engagement with the community while raising interest in science and engineering among kids. This committee also seeks to fulfill the college's philanthropic commitment.

Public Relations

Chair: Katie Gerot
The Public Relations Committee recognizes and rewards hard working, involved, and overall outstanding engineering students as well as update the college on recent news about other engineering organizations.The committee also recognizes faculty and staff who have excelled in service to students throughout the College of Engineering.The recipients of the various awards receive a certificate, their picture displayed in Othmer Hall, and an honors banquet in their honor. The recognition and acknowledgement of students and student organizations benefits the College of Engineering as a whole.

Student Life

Chair: Teresa Gramer
The Student Life Committee is responsible for the programming that occurs within the college. We host a number of social events that give students a chance to relax, have fun, and enjoy some free food. The purpose of the Student Life Committee is to keep College of Engineering students engaged outside of the classroom. We work to bring students from all departments together in a fun and inviting environment.

Engineering Week

Chairs: Kaitlin McKenzie, Helena Tran
The EWeek Committee plans and organizes UNL's EWeek, one of the biggest events celebrating engineering accomplishments. This week includes various events and activities to foster community in the engineering college and recognize the engineering students. We work throughout both semesters to prepare for EWeek through event planning, advertising, outreach, and philanthropy.

Career Development

Chair: Ava Lyons
eSAB's Career Development Committee (CDC) strives to better the professional advancement of its members and students within the College of Engineering. Working with Career Services, this committee aims to help develop our engineer's soft skills, going long with the Complete Engineer Initiative.