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Executive Team
Alex Hruby Alex Hruby

Alex Hruby is a senior in Biological Systems Engineering from Omaha, Nebraska. When she isn't studying or working on campus, you can find her reading in a local coffee shop, spending time with friends, or playing basketball. After graduation, Alex plans to pursue a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on musculoskeletal biomechanics and injury prevention, with the hope of one day working in the rehabilitation engineering field.
Logan Tuel Logan Tuel
Vice President of Administration

Logan Tuel is a senior studying mechanical engineering from Omaha, Nebraska. When he is not studying he enjoys playing board games with friends and cooking with his girlfriend. After graduation, he would like to pursue his MBA and work in the design engineering field.
Brittlin Hoge Brittlin Hoge
Vice President of Finance

Brittlin Hoge is a senior Chemical Engineering major with a minor in International Engineering. She is from Omaha, Nebraska, and you can find her back home playing with her puppies and hanging out with her family when she is not studying or doing homework. After she graduates, Brittlin hopes to work for a large engineering company that has international connections so she can continue to travel abroad and utilize her International Engineering minor. She joined the Outreach committee because she has a passion for volunteering and giving back to the community.
Daniel Johnson Daniel Johnson
Vice President of Membership

Daniel Johnson is a senior chemical engineering major from Omaha, Nebraska. Upon graduation, he would like to enter industry as an engineer, eventually obtaining his MBA and climbing the corporate ladder. As for what industry he would like to join, it is still up in the air. When he's not busy doing math or writing lab reports, Daniel enjoys the simple things, like running, cooking/baking, and making wine. Daniel decided to run for VP Membership after holding the position of Public Relations Committee Chair for eSAB. Through the position, he was able to get to know many of the members of eSAB. These interactions with his peers led him to want to continue to improve eSAB so everyone could have as great an experience as he did.
Erica Dolph Erica Dolph
Vice President of Communication

Erica Dolph is a 5th year senior Biological Systems Engineering major from Lincoln, NE. Upon graduation, she would like to attend medical school through a dual degree program earning both her M.D. and a Ph.D. in engineering to work as a physician-scientist. Currently serving as VP of Communication, she wants to work to extend the reach of eSAB by encouraging more engineering majors to be aware of what’s going on in the college and participate in all of the amazing events put on by the board.
Hunter Flodman Hunter Flodman
Assistant Professor of Practice
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Hunter grew up near Platte Center, NE. He earned an Associates degree from Central Community College Columbus Campus in 2004. He went on to earn a BS in Chemical Engineering in 2007 and an MS in Environmental Engineering in 2008 from UNL. After working for Cargill as an engineer, Hunter returned to UNL to complete his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2013.
Ashely Hornsby
Kayla Person Kayla Person
Academic Advisor
Engineering Student Services

Kayla is originally from Sioux Falls, SD. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from South Dakota State University in 2009. Kayla went on to earn a MA in Educational Administration specializing in Student Affairs from UNL in May 2011. Currently, she is working toward a Ed.D. in Educational Studies specializing in Higher Education and Leadership. Kayla works as an Academic Advisor in Engineering Student Services and advises primarily Mechanical Engineering students.

Malik Askar Career Development Chair
Delaney Bachman Voting Member
Michael Banwo Voting Member
Adam Bartels Voting Member
Noah Bolin RSO Representative
Nick Bouda Voting Member
Connor Beyersdorf RSO Representative
Hunter Christensen Voting Member
Kara Cottrell Voting Member
Jonathan Cronk Voting Member
Emma Dagerman Voting Member
Erica Dolph VP of Communication
Mark Hansen Voting Member
Andrea Harris Voting Member
Sam Harvat E-week Co-Chair
Leon Hemstreet RSO Representative
Michaela Heimes Voting Member
Collin Hoffman Voting Member
Brittlin Hoge Voting Member
Lizzy Homes Voting Member
Alex Hruby President
Lindsey Jarema Voting Member
Daniel Johnson VP of Membership
Maddie Johnson Voting Member
Conner Jolley Voting Member
Wai-Joon Foong RSO Representative
Isaac Kreikemeir Student Life Chair
Catherine Krueger Voting Member
Liam Kruse Voting Member
Ryan Le Voting Member
Colton Lyons Voting Member
Andy Mason Voting Member
Brandon McDonald Voting Member
Firdavskhon Nasimov Public Relations Chair
Adam Perry Voting Member
Ian Ritchine Voting Member
Galileo Rivera-Tobar Voting Member
Maddy Royse Voting Member
Kyle Scheer Voting Member
Parker Segal Voting Member
Abby Smith Voting Member
Madalyn Somer Voting Member
Shane Stan Outreach Chair
Mason Strahl Voting Member
Steven Stratton Voting Member
John Strope Voting Member
Brad Stukenholtz Voting Member
Logan Tuel VP of Administration
Jackson VanLiningham Voting Member
Emily Wagner E-week Co-Chair
Lydia Wemhoff Voting Member
Parker Williams Voting Member
Jenny Wynn RSO Representative
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