Task Force - Faculty Development and Mentoring

Task Force - Faculty Development and Mentoring


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Dean’s Office Liaisons: Mark Riley and Lily Wang
  • Tim Wentz (DSAEC) = Chair
  • Myra Cohen (CSE)
  • Linxia Gu (MME)
  • Roger Hoy (BSE)
  • Yi Qian (ECE)
  • Chungwook Sim (CIVE)
  • Henk Viljoen (ChBE)
Evaluate the needs of COE faculty mentoring and professional development.

Things to consider:
Much effort has been put in place for supporting newly hired faculty; additional efforts need to support those who have been on staff beyond the typical startup process. Activities are already in place to educate faculty on writing proposals, on improving teaching, and to perform technology transfer. The recommendations ought to be for college-wide activities not focused on variances across disciplines. Efforts should facilitate a culture of shared mentoring responsibilities. Programmatic support mechanisms should be in place as faculty progress through their careers. There is no need to invent a new form of mentoring.

Recommendation of best practices to support faculty throughout all stages of their career. Provide suggestions for connecting faculty to programs that are available and for identifying areas of programming and structural need. Evaluation should be based on best practices already demonstrated to be successful in academic environment.