Anasys nanoIR2-s

Photo of Anasys nanoIR2-s The Anasys nanoIR2-s system is capable of providing high resolution localized infrared (IR) spectroscopy and imaging, along with AFM imaging and metrology. The system will support research associated with organics materials, polymers and materials in life sciences. In addition, this instrument has the extension ability for scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM). Powerful localized nanoscale analytical techniques include:
  • Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy
  • Powerful, full featured AFM
  • Rich, interpretable IR spectra
  • Expands nanoscale IR to a wide range of real world samples
  • New resonance enhanced mode allows nanoscale IR on < 20nm films
  • Multifunctional measurements including integrated thermal and mechanical property mapping
  • Designed and built for productivity and rapid time-to-results
Standard Operating Procedure (.pdf)


  • Spectral Range: 950-1900 cm-1
  • Spectral Resolution: 4 cm-1
  • Max Image Size: 80 μm x 80 μm
  • Spectral Acquisition Time: 1 minute per spectrum (or less)
  • Motorized XY Stage Range: 8 x 8 mm
  • Spatial Resolution (XY stage): < 1 μm
  • Z Stage Range: > 6 mm
  • Optical field of view: ~900 x 600 μm low, ~300 x 200 μm high
  • Spatial Resolution (optics): 1.5 μm