LPKF ProtoLaser U4

Photo of LPKF ProtoLaser U4 LPKF ProtoLaser U4 uses a scanner-guided laser with a wavelength of 355 nm in the UV spectrum. This wavelength makes it possible for many material groups to be perfectly processed with the laser without additional tools, masks or films. Placing scan fields next to each other results in a working range of up to 229 mm x 305 mm x 10 mm. The laser focus with a diameter of approx. 20 µm allows for structures with a pitch of 65 µm (50 µm line width, 15µm apart) related to FR4 with 18 µm Cu. This laser system is stable in the lower power range so that even thin and organic layers can be processed with minimal heat transfer.

The system also includes a rapid vision system for laser micro material processing and for detecting fiducials and geometric structures on the substrate.

  • UV laser source as a versatile tool
  • Stabilization in Low-energy Range
  • Process Tracking
  • Vision System

LPKF ProtoLaser U4


  • Ultrafine Structures on Challenging Substrates
  • Processing Laminated Substrates
  • Structuring Double-sided Flexible Boards
  • Depaneling and Drilling PCBs
  • Cutting, Drilling, and Structuring LTCCs
  • Processing Ceramics
  • Opening Solder Resists
  • Structuring TCOs/ITOs
  • PCB Prototyping with Worldwide Support
  • From Prototyping to Mass Production

LPKF ProtoLaser U4 Specs