Cryogenic Lakeshore Probe Station

Photo of Cryogenic Lakeshore Probe Station Lake Shore’s cryogenic probe station is a six-probe system which is capable of reaching low temperature of 67K using liquid nitrogen cryogen, capable of providing high vacuum (1x10-7 torr) base pressure and gas (N2) control. The system provide precisely controlled environments for non-destructive measurement of the electrical properties, including IV characterization, four-point probe resistance.
  • For precise on-wafer contact probing of millimeter and sub-millimeter wave devices and materials at two THz frequency bands (WR-10 from 75 to 110 GHz and WR-5.1 from 140 to 220 GHz) in Lake Shore probe stations;
  • Supports vector network analyzers with suitable frequency extenders;
  • Enables calibrated S-parameter and other high frequency electrical measurements to be performed at cryogenic temperatures;
  • Combine two THz probe arms with standard DC/RF/microwave probe arms for a total of 6 simultaneous contact probes;
Standard Operating Procedure (.pdf - 1.13 MB)