Keyence laser scanning microscope VK-X200K

Photo of Keyence laser scanning microscope VK-X200K The VK-X200K Series combines features of an optical microscope, roughness gauge, laser profilometer, and scanning electron microscope, our laser scanning confocal microscope performs non-contact surface profile, surface roughness, and thickness measurements without the need for sample preparation.
  • Up to 28,800x magnification
  • 0.5 nanometer Z-axis resolution on almost any material
  • High-resolution, large depth-of-field observation
  • Profile and roughness measurements with zero sample preparation
  • Measures thickness and uniformity of clear layers
  • No data loss - even on steep angles
Standard Operating Procedure (.pdf - 4 MB)

Image & Measurement Capabilities

  • High-resolution, Large depth-of-field observation
    High resolution, 24,000x magnification
    Fully-focused image
  • Rapid 3D color imaging
    High-definition color image
    No sample preparation
    Measure samples of any size and nearly any material
  • Non-destructive profile and roughness measurements
    Height, width, angle measurement
    Surface area and volume measurement
    Line roughness measurement
    Surface roughness measurement
    Area film thickness measurement function
    Automatic width and height measurement