VersaLab 3 Tesla Cryogen-free VSM

Photo of VersaLab 3 Tesla Cryogen-free VSM VersaLab is specifically designed for magnetic characterization up to 3 tesla and over a wide temperature range (50 K-1000 K) without the need of liquid cryogens. VersaLab utilizes technology developed for Quantum Design’s popular Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS®).
  • Free time while instrument performs the automated measurements;
  • Free space in the lab because of its compact size and portability;
  • Freedom from cooling water and high power requirements;
  • Freedom from liquid cryogens;
  • A single hardware configuration for a wide range of temperatures, fields, and magnetic moments;
Standard Operating Procedure (.pdf)

Analysis & Measurement

  • VSM oven for sample temperatures up to 1000 K
  • Electro-transport option (ETO) measurement, DC and AC resistivity
  • Heat capacity measurement
  • Horizontal rotator
  • Torque Magnetometry
  • Multi-function probe


  • Temperature Range: 50K-1000K
  • Field Range: ±3 Tesla
  • Magnet Type: NbTi Superconducting
  • VSM oscillation frequency (calibrated): 40 Hz, Range of 5-80 Hz
  • VSM oscillation amplitude (typical): 2 mm peak Range of 0.1-5 mm
  • Coil set bore: 6 mm (standard), 1.2 cm (large bore optional)
  • rms sensitivity < 10-6 emu