Summer Readiness Programs

The College of Engineering offers two summer readiness programs to help prepare incoming students for their collegiate experience and future success. Both focus on refreshing/enhancing math skills as well as areas academically, personally and career-wise.


Engineering Readiness Academy (ERA)

August 12-17, 2023
City Campus (Lincoln) / Scott Campus (Omaha)

The Engineering Readiness Academy aims to prepare incoming engineering, computing, and construction management students for academic, personal, and career success.

Why choose the Engineering Readiness Academy?
This program is perfect for students who want to move onto campus a week early and learn all about success in the College of Engineering and within the university.

  • Receive credit for ENGR 10 so you don't have to take it in the fall (depending on your major, programs, etc.)
  • Connect with other incoming engineering students before classes start
  • Move into your permanent residence hall early
  • Re-start your brain in preparation for your fall math class
  • Get advice from current engineering students about academic, personal, and professional success in college
  • Build a relationship with College of Engineering faculty and staff who will continue to support you during your time at Nebraska
Learn more about eligibility requirements, deadlines and how to apply:


Summer Bridge Program

City Campus (Lincoln): July 5-15, 2023
Scott Campus (Omaha): July 16-29, 2023

The Summer Bridge Program is a two-week camp on campus to prepare incoming freshmen for a college career in engineering, computing or construction in a supportive hands-on environment. You will receive in-depth instruction in math for added confidence once classes begin in Fall 2023.

Why choose the Summer Bridge Program?

Are you planning on taking Calculus I or College Algebra & Trigonometry in Fall 2023? If so, consider attending this immersive transition program..

  • Prep for rigorous math courses on a daily basis (Pre-Calculus or Calculus) and improve writing skills with individual guidance
  • Gain assistance with courses such as chemistry and computer science
  • Enjoy hands-on project activities including robotics
  • Attend a daily orientation to aid in your transition from high school to college: time management, study skills, campus resources and support services, connections to industry
  • The program is free with a potential $500 scholarship for students finishing the program.
Learn more about eligibility requirements, deadlines and how to apply:

Summer Bridge Program