PKF - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stack my Peter Kiewit Foundation tuition and fees scholarship with my other awards?

The academy scholarship is considered "last-in." This means that it will cover what is left of tuition and fees after your other scholarships are applied. For example, if you have a Regents or Traditions, this scholarship will cover the rest of tuition and fees not covered by your existing scholarships. Thus, this scholarship amount varies by student up to the full cost of tuition and fees.

What housing will I be in for the Academy?

During their first year, students on City Campus (Lincoln) will live in Abel Hall, and students on Scott Campus (Omaha) will live in Scott Crossing. Students are expected to live in the Scholar Learning Community with other members of the PKFEA for at least their first 2 years, and all related costs will be covered by the program. Students may continue to live on campus in the Scholar Learning Community during their junior and senior years, which will also be paid for by the program. (Upperclassman housing is still TBD based on availability and interest, but the plan is for older students to live in suite/apartment-style housing on campus.) Gender Inclusive Housing is available for PKFEA students. Please contact program leadership if you have additional questions.

Some students might be interested in living in a different Learning Community. PKF Engineering Academy students take part in a special type of Learning Community called a Scholar Community, thus students will remain in the Academy Scholar Learning Community the entire time they are at UNL and not be permitted to join other Learning Communities. But there are hundreds of other Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) you can join if you are looking for additional ways to engage with other students!

Can I be in Greek life or the Honors program or other programs on campus?

Students may choose to be in the Honors program or Greek life in addition to the PKF Engineering Academy Scholar Learning Community, as long as they balance their time and meet program commitments effectively. If you have a question about a different program on campus, such as Raikes or the pathway programs in Engineering, contact program leadership to learn more. Some programs on campus have conflicting time commitments, so students cannot participate in both. However, we encourage students to apply to all programs of their interest to find one that's the best fit for them.

Why do I still have charges on my bill if the program covers everything?

Students may see charges on their accounts for other billed services that are not part of the Academy commitment, such as the purchase of a parking permit or if they received a visit charge from the Health Center. These types of fees are not included in the scholarship.

How do I keep my scholarship?

To retain their position in The Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy, students must participate in all program requirements, maintain full-time status, and be in good standing in the College of Engineering.

Students will receive a Program Handbook that outlines additional information on all requirements, probation, and dismissal policies.

What fees are covered?

The following fees are covered: registration, technology, ID card, library, facilities, online courses, and other course fees (e.g., a lab fee). The program will not cover late fees, any fees applied to your account for damage or student conduct, any health care visits to the health center or the optional health insurance fees, and other indirect costs*. Any fees not listed here are subject to the discretion of program leadership.

Note: Deposites are not considered as fees.

*Cost of attendance that a student will likely incur, but not pay toward the university. This may include supplemental supplies, off-campus housing, transportation to and from campus, and other personal expenses.

Are online classes covered?

Yes, this scholarship will cover online classes. Engineering is largely an in-person major, but you may take some online while in your degree.

I have external scholarships from my high school that only count for tuition and fees. Does that mean this scholarship doesn't cover them at all?

For Lincoln students: if you have an external (non-UNL) scholarship, such as from the Pepsi Foundation, go to Husker Hub to learn more about how it applies to your scholarship and financial aid package (their specialists can provide expert advice). Some of these funds are for tuition and fees only; others are not. They can be applied to the overall cost of attendance, which includes items such as transportation for college. And of course, this program offers more financial (and developmental!) benefits beyond tuition. For Omaha students: if you have external (non-UNO) scholarships, please contact the UNO Financial Aid Office

Can I take a gap year and still keep my scholarship?

The intent of this scholarship is for consecutive years. Any student with extenuating circumstances is encouraged to contact program leadership, as this may be considered on a case-by-case basis and at the leadership's discretion.

Can I utilize this scholarship for multiple undergraduate degrees?

The Academy scholarship requirements are that a student pursues a degree in the College of Engineering. Please visit with program leadership if you wish to pursue multiple degrees in four years (e.g., a double major outside of the College of Engineering).

What happens if I drop a class or withdraw?

Visit with program leadership if you need to drop a class or withdraw to learn how it will affect your scholarship.

Can I apply for the scholarship in my sophomore or junior or senior year?

The Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy is open to incoming freshmen, as it is cohort-based.

How many credit hours can I take each semester?

Students will follow the university's policy for the maximum number of credits allowed per semester. Students wishing to exceed this limit should visit with program leadership to learn about their options.

Can I join a learning community?

PKF Engineering Academy students are in a specific type of Learning Community called a Scholar Community and are not be permitted to join additional Learning Communities, as they have conflicting Housing requirements. While you can't join another Learning Community, there are hundreds of other Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus you can join to engage with students with similar interests. 

Scholar Communities at Nebraska are comprised of students who share a commitment to the goals of academic excellence, leadership development, and involved citizenship. Membership in a Scholar Community is by invitation only, either through application or receipt of a specific scholarship attached to a given community. As a member of a Scholar Community, you can expect to have an amazing experience with other students who share your enthusiasm for academic achievement and your passion for personal growth. 

What is a learning community (LC)?

One of the best ways to develop strong friendships and succeed in college is to join a learning community!   It is an academic learning experience outside of the classroom in a fun and educational setting.

What if I want to live at home?

Students are expected to live in the scholar learning community for at least the first 2 years, and all related costs are covered by the program. Students may continue to live on campus their junior and senior years paid for by the program. Please contact program leadership if you have additional questions.

Can I live in Gender Inclusive Housing?

Absolutely! We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in their personal space, and we are happy to make accommodations for those who prefer GIH. Simply select that option on your Housing Contract, and Housing will change your Roommate Finder options to include other individuals who would like GIH in Abel Hall. Please contact program leadership if you have additional questions.