MEP Student Highlight: Brandon Cervania

Brandon Cervania Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Elkhorn, NE

Q1: During your freshman year, you met with your program coordinator on a monthly basis. In what ways has your program coordinator's coaching contributed to your academic, personal, and professional success?

Coaching has helped me stay on track towards my goals as an engineering student. As a freshman, I was unsure of what career opportunities to pursue. I had many options, but my success coach helped me identify the paths that were right for me. My coach also helped me take steps in both simple and involved ways. Some simple steps included setting goals and using a planner. More involved steps included volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, meeting with engineers, and joining student clubs. These examples demonstrate how coaching has helped me to better myself academically, practice networking through my personal life as a college student, and work towards becoming more professional.

Q2: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your participation in the Inclusion Scholars Programs?

The most rewarding aspect of my participation in the Inclusion Scholars Program is having the opportunity to make connections. I've made several great relationships through interactions with other's. These relationships are valuable to me because I can always rely on others in this program for help.