MEP Student Highlight: Izzi Bryant

Izzi Bryant Year: Freshman
Major: Architectural Engineering

Success Coaching:

Monthly success coaching has quickly become a highlight to my month. Every meeting starts with looking at my goals from the month before and deciding what needs to change, be added to, or is completed. Having the meetings keeps me honest, I must set realistic goals and expectations for myself and then complete them or change them. The skills that these meetings teach me are something I am for sure going to do for the rest of my life.

Peer Mentorship:

Having an upperclassman I can go to when I need advice or even just to talk to is great. Someone who has been in the same shoes that I have at least once makes it feel less lonely. The load we carry as engineering students is heavy but can be made lighter with advice and mentorship. I truly believe mentorship is one of the most valuable parts of the program.

Freshman Seminar Class:

The class is a blast. Every week I get to hang out with other people in the MEP/WIE programs. We get to catch up, learn new things, play games. There is a great balance of learning educational information and applying that information. We all enjoy engineering and enjoy each other’s company.

Monthly Events:

I try to come to every monthly event I have time for. The energy is always amazing. Everyone is happy to be there and willing to participate. We do fun activities like kayaking and education events like career fair prep. Learning new skills and then practicing them in case of workshops. Opportunities to meet faculty and gain connections make for a push out of the comfort zone that causes growth. The mentor events like kayaking just make for great fun and a chance for the members of the program to meet up and relax away from the stress of college for a couple hours.

Best part of being a member of MEP:

I did not know when I first applied for MEP that it would introduce me to some of the best people I have ever met. The program fills me with a purpose that I would not have without it. It makes me feel comfortable to explore and join clubs. Knowing that before the first day of school even started that I had a group of strangers turned friends that would have my back makes this program worth more than words can say. The best part of this program is the people, everyone from the faculty to the students are so kind, understanding, and genuine. I do not believe there is a better program in the College.