MEP Student Highlight: Maddie Stephens

Maddie Stephens Year: Sophomore
Major: Biological Systems Engineering
Hometown: Fallon, NV

Q1: All incoming engineering students take a seminar class. As an inclusion scholar, you were placed in an extended section with other inclusion scholars.

The three goals of the class were: 1. Connecting with your peers, 2. Learning tips for success in the College of Engineering, and 3. Understanding the Complete Engineer competencies. How did this class help you better connect with your ISP peers and gain an understanding of being successful in the College?

The freshman seminar was my favorite class my freshman year. I was able to learn how to navigate through college and the steps I need to take to become a complete engineer. I have also learned how to navigate being in a marginalized group withing the engineering community and what resources I have. Getting to be around those who have experienced the same difficulties I have is so reassuring and encourages me to continue on my path in engineering.

Q2: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your participation in the Inclusion Scholars Programs?

The most rewarding aspect while being part of the ISP program has been the strong connections I have made whether it be with my peers, mentors, or my coach! Building these connections have helped me gain new scholarships, research, and internship opportunities. Aside from that, my closes friends have been made through this program.