What to Expect at The NUBE Experience

City Campus (Lincoln): August 17
Scott Campus (Omaha): August 18

Engineering Student Services

We want to make sure you understand the importance, logistics, and expectations of the NUBE Experience.  While we anticipate many of your questions will be answered on this site, feel free to contact the Engineering Student Services Offices in Lincoln at 402-472-3160 or in Omaha at 402-554-3562 should you have questions. You can also email ess@unl.edu.

We look forward to hosting you at the NUBE Experience!

What is the NUBE Experience, and why is it expected that I attend?

The Nebraska Undergraduates Becoming Engineers (or, NUBE) Experience is a fun and exciting series of events that exposes all first-year students to the College of Engineering and discipline of engineering prior to classes starting. Students who attend the NUBE Experience programs will have the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and current students in their department and college, and learn more about who engineers are, what they do, and the impact they have on our world.

In recent years, the College of Engineering has noticed that students who attend the NUBE program retain to their second year at a higher rate when compared to those who do not. We believe this is because students who come to NUBE (1) gain more about how to approach their first-year coursework, (2) are already connected to their support network and instructors before classes start, and (3) meet other new students who have the same passions and interests. 

Aside from the time to attend the program, there is no cost to attend, and we believe it's worth your time!

What if I have a conflict with another program happening on campus at the same time?
Lincoln Students

We are aware that some university programs could potentially conflict with the NUBE Experience, such as sorority recruitment, Marching Band, International Student Orientation, Raikes Orientation, Big Red Singers and ROTC. We support your participation in the required activities for these groups. Our advice is to attend these programs, as they are equally critical to your transition as a student. We can try to help you find ways to participate in NUBE if your event does not overlap completely. 

Omaha Students:

If you have a program at UNO that conflicts with NUBE, our advice is to attend these programs as they are equally important for your transition as a student. You are welcome to participate in NUBE as best you can when you're not at other activities. 

When is the deadline for registration?

There is no deadline for registration.

Is there a cost to attend?

The NUBE Experience is free! We believe that the value of this program far outweighs any cost. 

Does NUBE conflict with UNL move-in?

Move-in times will be assigned in early August. UNL regular move-in times conclude before NUBE begins, but if you have any issues, please work with UNL Housing to adjust your move-in time.

Student Code of Conduct

Although we don't anticipate any issues, all students will be subject to the UNL and UNO Student Code of Conduct while participating in the NUBE Experience programs. Any violations of the student code of conduct will be reported to the university's judicial office and dealt with accordingly.