WIE Student Highlight: Alicia Ruud

Alicia Ruud Year: Freshman
Major: Architectural Engineering

Success Coaching:

I look forward to the monthly success coaching meetings because I learn more about setting realistic goals and standards. These meetings help me stay on track and hold myself accountable to the goals I have set. Every meeting I learn a new skill that will be either helpful in my studies or life in general.

Peer Mentorship:

I value having peer mentorship because sometimes it is easier to talk to a peer than campus staff. They have also been in my shoes once, so it is nice to be able to ask them for advice and guidance. They help lighten the load and I can always count on them to help me to the best of their ability.

Freshman Seminar Class:

The Freshman Seminar Class is definitely my favorite class this semester. Every Thursday I get the pleasure of hanging out with my friends in the MEP/WIE programs. In class, we learn about the complete engineering competencies and play games. I enjoy that this class is a mix of fun and learning.

Monthly Events:

I try to attend all of the monthly events, but sometimes my schedule does not work out with the planned times. However, when I do get to attend these events, they are a blast. It is fun to be able to interact with the other members of MEP/WIE. We do fun activities like an outing to a berry farm and also some educational and social events like finals prep and industry socials. The educational and social events have helped me understand and make the transition from high school to college. The fun activities are a great way to make friends and forget about your studies for a few hours.

Best part of being a member of WIE:

I would say the best part of WIE would have to be the people. Everyone in this program is very friendly and helpful. This program has introduced me to some of my best friends and I have made so many other connections. This program has helped me build my confidence and step out of my comfort zone.