WIE Student Highlight: Dani Williams

Dani Williams Year: Freshman
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Liberty, MO

Success Coaching:

Whether I want to talk about classes, campus events, or just my social life, my coach is there to listen and provides me with the resources I need. I have found it helpful to have someone to talk to whenever I need it, and there’s always free snacks!

Peer Mentorship:

I have found it extremely beneficial to get firsthand advice on classes, clubs, events, and just college life in general from my mentors. Because the mentors are upperclassmen studying engineering and are also a part of WIE/MEP, it’s been fun to build connections with them through our mutual experiences.

Freshman Seminar Class:

The freshman seminar class has been my favorite college class so far. I have not only learned about the Complete Engineer, but also different aspects of being a part of a marginalized community in engineering. It is so comforting to get to learn in a room full of people who have all experienced the same struggles and adversity that I have.

Monthly Events:

I love monthly events! We get to do fun activities like bowling and pumpkin painting, but also things like career fair prep and professional site visits to help us with career development. I enjoy seeing new faces at each event.

Best part of being a member of WIE:

The best part of being a member of WIE is the community. Since we all face the same struggles and underrepresentation in engineering, we are better able to understand and help each other academically and socially. The upperclassmen and faculty involved in the program are incredibly welcoming and inclusive. WIE has already become another little family to me here at UNL, and I have made most of my closest friends through the program. Women in STEM!!