WIE Student Highlight: Grace Sorensen

Grace Sorensen Year: Sophomore
Major: Architectural Engineering
Hometown: Austin, TX

Q1: In what ways have you grown and developed as a result of being a peer mentor and as a mentee?

During my time as a Peer Mentor, I've been able to practice my time management and teamwork skills. I've been so fortunate to work with amazing people that support me through my growth and let me take on new challenges. Through each event we plan, I get to practice being creative, problem-solve, and most importantly build connections with my peers. As a mentee, the mentors I've had have been so kind and approachable. They are so willing to help, whether that be advice about classes, internships, or just to be a friend. They have been an exceptional resource and help make the program bond so special.

Q2: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your participation in the Inclusion Scholars Programs?

Being a part of this program has provided me so much support through my transition into college and beyond. The connections I have made with fellow scholars and mentors have been invaluable. Especially since I live far away from my family, the bonds we make in the Inclusion Scholars Programs through activities and classes make it feel like my college family.