Multicultural Engineering Program FAQ

Multicultural Engineering Program FAQ

Below you will find answers to common questions about the Inclusion Scholars Programs. If you find that you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact the following:

Meaghan Milburn
Senior Director for Student Services | 402-472-2927

I haven't decided between Lincoln and Omaha yet. Should I apply for the Inclusion Scholars Programs on both campuses?

Yes! If you are considering both campuses, you may select "Both" on your application in response to  the question, "Which campus are you applying to?". 

Can I apply to both Inclusion Scholars Programs (MEP/WIE)? I want to be in both!

Yes!  You may apply to both the Multicultural Engineering Program and the Women in Engineering Program on both campuses. In fact, you may select, "I would like to apply for both programs!" in response to the question, "Which program(s) are you applying to?" on your application.  However, you can only be selected for one program. The programs share a lot of the same benefits, and they are open for anyone to apply.

I want to join a learning community, sorority/fraternity, William H. Thompson Scholars/Thompson Learning Community, or another similar program on campus. Would these conflict with the Inclusion Scholars Programs (MEP/WIE)?

These programs do not directly conflict! We simply encourage students to consider the time commitments required for the things they wish to do on campus.  Additionally, there is no residency requirement for the Inclusion Scholars Programs (MEP/WIE). If you plan well, you will be able to manage your time with no problems.

Programs that would conflict with participation include: The Peter Kiewit Foundation Engineering Academy (City/Lincoln & Scott/Omaha Campus), Kiewit Scholars (City/Lincoln Campus), and the Raikes (City/Lincoln Campus).

When will I hear back if I get accepted into an Inclusion Scholars Program (MEP/WIE)?

Priority Deadline applicants will be notified by Monday, March 11.  Those applying after the priority deadline will be notified no later than Monday, April 15.  All applicants accepted to an Inclusion Scholars Program (MEP/WIE) will have until May 1 to formally accept or decline their place in the program. Should you decide early, we welcome your commitment!

The website lists a lot of goals like studying abroad or doing research. What if I don’t want to do those things? Can I still join?

It is not a requirement that you pursue any of those opportunities, but we hope that you will be open-minded to consider if any of them will help you reach your goals in the future. Your program coordinator will bring them up to begin discussing your options for educational experiences outside of the classroom, but you will be supported to pursue the ones you want.

The website says that I meet with my success coach once a month at first, but then the meetings decrease. Does that mean I can’t meet with my coordinator as often?

Of course not! Your success coach will be available for as many meetings and check-ins as you’d like. These numbers indicate the minimum number of 1:1 meetings per semester. You are encouraged to reach out whenever you want or need support, connection, or just a friendly face.