CHME - UOL - Crystallization/Mixing


Equipment Specifications

  • 2 – 200 L feed tanks with a 7 L glass mixing vessel with internal or external cooling and external heating.
  • MicroMotion® Coriolis meters are used to measure mass flow rates and to infer compositions of sugar or salt solutions from mass density.
  • Fisher® control valves and Rosemount® magnetic flow meters are used for control. 
  • Rosemount® guided wave radar, ultrasonic, and pressure transmitters monitor liquid levels.
  • Equipment is operated using the DeltaV™ DCS.
  • Alarms and interlocks are present for process safety.

Possible Experimental Objectives

  • Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) control of temperature, composition, level, and effluent flow rate using interacting control loops with the option of ratio control.
  • Mixed-suspension, mixed-product removal (MSMPR) cooling crystallization of salt solutions measuring crystal size distribution to determine crystallization kinetics including the crystal growth and nucleation rates.
  • Batch or semi-batch heating or cooling of a fluid. 
Crystallizer Machine