Multicultural Engineering Program

Four engineering students use a scope to survey outside the engineering complex. One student is facing the camera and smiling and another is looking into the scope.

The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) is one of our two Inclusion Scholars Programs. MEP is a cohort-based program designed to engage and enhance the experiences of talented scholars who demonstrate experience with, or commitment to, leadership and diversity.

MEP creates a community of academic and inclusive excellence among our students by fostering connections with other students, faculty, and staff in the College of Engineering and beyond.

All students interested in learning more about the opportunities and developing strategies to overcome challenges of diversity and inclusion in engineering are invited to apply. 

Applications are due February 1. If you are considering attending both of our campuses, we recommend you apply to MEP on both campuses.

Need help with the application? Check out our FAQ's!

Alma Ramirez-Rodgers (she/her/ella)
Senior Assistant Director of Student Development

Cece Abbey (she/her)
Assistant Director of Student Success Programs

Izzi Bryant
Q&A with Izzi Bryant
Freshman, Architectural Engineering
“I did not know when I first applied for MEP that it would introduce me to some of the best people I have ever met. The program fills me with a purpose that I would not have without it.”

Q&A with Izzi
Linh Pham
Q&A with Linh Pham
Freshman, Chemical Engineering
“Joining MEP has been one of the best decisions I have made since coming to college because it has given me an outlet for social interaction and provided me with so much support.”

Q&A with Linh

Program Components



The MEP program coordinator is your resource to help navigate through each semester by establishing goals, maintaining accountability for them, and helping you take advantage of opportunities that come up. That could include exploring the things you’re already interested in doing, such as studying abroad or getting an internship, or it could be discovering new opportunities on campus, such as doing a research experience for a summer in a different state.



MEP students will enroll in a First-Year Seminar together that will meet every week during the fall semester. During this class time, your program coordinator will lead class sessions on topics related to academic, professional, or personal success.



Workshop activities may include topics such as: preparing for the career fair, networking with faculty, health and wellness, experiential learning, or academic success strategies. Social events with peer mentors may include activities such as: welcome orientation, game and craft nights, kayaking, or a trip to Henry Doorly Zoo. Every MEP student is encouraged to request workshops on specific topics that interest them.



MEP students will make use of regularly scheduled study times or space. The goal is for you to connect around your academics and help you stay on top of your schoolwork, but you can also use this time to connect with your peers about anything!



Each MEP student receives a four-year, renewable scholarship of  $500-$1000 per semester based on program engagement. You must be in good academic standing (minimum 2.4 cumulative GPA) and actively involved in the program to maintain your scholarship.



All MEP students receive mentorship from an upper class student in the program.  Students also have the opportunity to become an MEP mentor themselves. Mentorship includes building personal relationships with MEP cohorts, and an opportunity to develop leadership skills.