P3 - 2022 Project Overviews

Projects partially funded by a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality’s Waste Reduction Fee Fund:

  1. Brian Claver
    Analyzed solid waste flows to the landfill, and focused on diverting material from the landfill and saving money.

  2. Rachel Gerdes
    Analyzed solid waste flow to landfill. Made recommendations to reduce the amount of product and material waste going to landfills.

  3. Aiden Girthoffer
    Analyzed steps in production process. Made recommendations to reduce water usage and utility consumption and reduce solid waste.

  4. Brenna Wright
    Analyzed solid and hazardous waste streams and compressed air system. Made recommendations to recycle solid waste to energy and reduce quantity of hazardous waste and to repair the compressed air system.

Projects funded by grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

  1. Madilyn Jaskae
    Analyzed defects becoming solid waste and freezer energy consumption. Made recommendations to reduce the amount of solid waste and reduce freezer energy consumption.

  2. Jack Mettin
    Analyzed cooling system and cleaning system. Made recommendations to reduce energy use and water use with a more time and resource efficient system.

Projects partially funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Each project focused on decreasing energy use and other waste production:

  1. Abdulkhalim Abdullodzhanov
  2. Maria Carter
  3. Andrew Koranda
  4. Adam Nebelsick
  5. Reid Stutzman
  6. Amy Wolterman