P3 - 2010 Project Overview

P3: 2010 Summer Interns' Project Overviews

In the summer of 2010, 12 student interns participated in UNL’s Partners in Pollution Prevention Program. Students worked with businesses to research methods of reducing waste and preventing pollution. They also assisted with a wide variety of environmental projects focusing on education, energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management. Each student prepared a report of proposed improvements, detailing the economic and environmental benefits of implementing their suggestions.

The following project overviews describe the interns' projects and recommendations.

Single Business Partnership
  1. Jon Kottich – HyVee, Lincoln
    Analyzed waste streams and identified opportunities for water, energy and solid waste reductions.

  2. Holly Lohmeier – Orthman Manufacturing, Lexington
    Analyzed operations and made recommendations to reduce the amount of electricity and natural gas used in the manufacturing processes.

  3. Kurtis Palu – Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln
    Recommended changes to reduce energy consumption, solid waste and water use. Researched geothermal and solar heating systems.

  4. Meghan Ray – P & G Pet Care, Aurora
    Identified opportunities to divert waste streams from the landfill, source reduction of hazardous waste, and water use reduction.

  5. Ryan Stigge – Lincoln Wastewater System
    Performed a plant energy audit to identify areas for energy efficiency.

  6. Lauren Swadener – Lindsay Manufacturing, Lindsay
    Researched opportunities to reduce electricity usage, related costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

  7. Ben Wademan – Hamilton Sundstand, York
    Researched, quantified and made recommendations to reduce energy and materials use and related costs.

Multiple Business Assignments
  1. Liz Boyer – Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ)
    Analyzed potential for energy conservation at two small-to-medium municipal wastewater treatment plants.

  2. Katie Clear – IA Team
    Performed four new waste assessments and one reassessment in Lincoln, Omaha, Fairbury, and Auburn, identifying opportunities to reduce energy, water, solid waste and hazardous waste.
    Contacted hospitality establishments to inform them about P3 assistance.

  3. James Dalton – IA Team
    Performed three new waste assessments and two reassessments in Lincoln and Omaha, identifying opportunities to reduce electricity and solid waste, save money, and eliminate release of ground contaminants.

  4. Matt Harvey – City of Lincoln Mayor’s Office Cleaner Greener Lincoln Initiative
    Conducted energy assessments of three city buildings and gathered information to help the City track energy use and reduce energy consumption.

  5. John Ward – IA Team and Lancaster County Extension
    Performed four new waste assessments and one reassessment in Lincoln, identifying opportunities for saving water, reducing electricity and natural gas use, and reducing solid and hazardous waste.
    Conducted public education activites through Lancaster County Extension and Bright Lights.